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Will a Background Check Show All My Jobs?

Sometimes in your past, you might have had a job that was a nightmare and you left in bad circumstances. Or you might think it looks bad amid all your other work history on your resume. The temptation is to leave it off but as part of background checks that companies can do, they are able to check all the jobs you have held. And what other information can they look into legally?

DBS checks and more

The basic level of checks that businesses are required to perform are right to work checks, and for some positions they may also be legally entitled to carry out DBS (CRB) checks. Right to work is just as it sounds – it ensures that you are allowed to work in the UK and businesses have a requirement to do this check before employing anyone. If you are a UK resident and have lived here all your life, there’s no reason this check will be an issue and if you have moved here and gone through all the immigration processes correctly, then there should be no problem.

DBS checks or criminal records checks come in a variety of levels depending on the type of job you are applying for. Known as the Disclosure and Barring Service, this lets employers know anything in your past that affects your position with the company. There are three levels – a basic disclosure, a standard DBS and an enhanced DBS.

If you are concerned what might show on your DBS check, you can have a look at it yourself before you start applying for jobs. Services such as on the uCheck DBS Checks website let you see what employers will see when they carry out a DBS check.

Other types of background check

Adverse financial checks are something done on many employees with the aim of making sure they haven’t got financial problems that could compromise them in their new role. Checks are a little different depending on the sector – they are very comprehensive if you are applying for a job in a bank or other financial sector business, for example.

Reference checks involve following up with the references that you have provided to speak to past employers and personal references about you. They are used to build a picture of employment history and education as well as learning about strengths and weaknesses based on factual evidence such as employment record or education scores.

Will all jobs show up?

One of the most common background check FAQs is whether potential employers can only look into the jobs you list as references and on your CV. The answer to this is no, they can look into your full work history and approach any employer about you.

However, not every employer will provide information about you when asked. Some will not discuss matters like job performance unless they have agreed to provide a reference but if the potential employer contacts others within the company, they can get this information, albeit from a personal viewpoint.

What this means is that there’s no point hiding those jobs you hated or had bad experiences. Instead, turn them into a positive and the potential employer may not even notice them. Plus, there can be no accusation of trying to hide anything.