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Career Advice Fit for the Future

When thinking about a new career it is really important to consider the kind of roles that fit your skill set and that you think you will excel in. But there are also a number of other things that are extremely important to consider whether you are new to the jobs market or you are looking to embark on a change of path on your career journey. One of the things that really should be given priority is that the careers you are looking at are fit for the future or at the very least adaptable. It is likely that you will invest a lot of time and effort into training and developing yourself to fit your new role and you don’t want to put that kind of investment into a role that might be dead in the water a year or so down the line. With massive changes in economy and technology it may be that certain occupations are either non existent in the near future or that they have simply changed and adapted to fit the times but are no longer the kind of role that suits you. Keep this in mind when you are shortlisting future jobs and it will help you ensure the time and energy you put into your career search, training and time into are being invested wisely. To get you started, here are just a few ideas for roles that are currently strong job market contenders and are likely to remain so in the near future.

If you are looking at developing skills that go past the near future and might be useful 15/20 years down the line you may want to take a peek into things like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, marketing and pretty much anything to do with data and finance (because where would we be without the people who count the pennies)!