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How to read like Bill Gates

Learning, improving, mastering – these are all important aspects of a successful career path.

And many of the world’s most successful people claim that reading is their preferred way to increase their skill or awareness of a certain subject.

But with so many great books – how do you know which ones to choose?

And if you’re in the busy years of a demanding career – how do you find the time to fit a supportive reading habit into a packed-full life?

In this video, Bill Gates shares his appreciation of books, as well as a few of his tips for reading.

Look out for his one rule, that he always considers before he will even begin a book.

He also shares some of his insights on how to make the most of your reading time so that it’s not only a pleasurable pastime but an effective habit that will enhance and progress your career.

So if you enjoy reading and are keen to master reading habits that will help you professionally, take a few minutes to learn Bill’s tips in the video below.